Dairy UK Launches Guidance on Injury Prevention

Dairy UK has published a report on how to prevent injuries in the workplace, which will be made available to all dairy processing sites.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), more than one third of injuries in the food and drink industry are due to slips and trips in the workplace. The report looks at how to prevent injuries dues to slips and trips in dairy sites.

The new guidance recommends that dairies carry out internal surveys and risk assessments to determine hazardous areas and levels of risk.

Andy Melachrino, Chair of Dairy UK's Occupational Health and Safety Committee, said: "This report is a welcome tool to help drive down injuries due to slips and trips across the sector, which still represent nearly 30% of all lost time injuries. Slips and trips which result in a fall, are by far the highest cause of major reportable injuries and can have serious, and often life changing, effects on people's lives.

"The guidance contains very practical tips and case studies to help review existing practices ways of working and will prove a valuable tool in any injury reduction strategy. We are now considering what we can do next to help promote these practical measures, so watch out for further developments."

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: "The report we have published outlines some key factors and best practice to minimise the likelihood of slips in trips in the workplace. It is essential that our colleagues in the industry develop their own risk assessments to ensure the safety of their staff. I'm very grateful to the members of the Dairy UK Occupational Health & Safety Committee for their ongoing efforts to enhance the wellbeing of dairy staff."

The report is available for download here.

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