Dairy UK Statement on European Agriculture Council Meeting

Commenting on today's Agriculture Council meeting and the comprehensive support package announced by the EU Commission, Dairy UK Chief Executive Dr Judith Bryans said:

"The Commission's announcement includes a number of positive steps to support the dairy industry. The measures focusing on trade and exports, promotion and volatility are very much in line with Dairy UK's key priorities and we are already actively involved in developing export markets, facilitating foreign inspection visits, exploring new tools to manage the impact of price volatility and promoting our great British dairy products.

"However, we are very disappointed by the Commission's stance on the review of the intervention price. Although we agree with and fully support a market-oriented industry, exceptional times call for exceptional measures. Increasing the intervention price would help stabilise the market and give the dairy industry a much-needed immediate relief."

Dr Bryans also addressed the announcement made by Defra Secretary of State Liz Truss earlier today.

"Going forward, it will be crucial for Defra to work with the whole dairy supply chain to achieve the goals set out by the Secretary of State today. The dairy industry from farm to fridge is affected by harsh market conditions and the situation will only improve thanks to productive collaboration throughout the supply chain.

"The Secretary of State needs to work with all parties and ensure that all sides of the dairy industry are given the right tools and support to be able to focus on solutions to this crisis".

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