Dairy UK Update | Dairy APPG 'Sorely Disappointed' by Dairy Reduction in Eatwell Guide

The Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group has issued a statement to express its disappointment following the publication of the new Eatwell Guide and the reduction of the recommended dairy intake.


Commenting on the reduction of the recommended dairy intake in the new Eatwell Guide, Heather Wheeler MP and members* of the Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group said:

"We are sorely disappointed by Public Health England's decision to reduce the dairy food group in the new Eatwell guide.

"The Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group just released a report which highlights the essential role of dairy products in a healthy and balanced diet, based on robust evidence provided by nutrition and health experts. This evidence is widely available and it is therefore both puzzling and frustrating to see that official dietary guidelines would not rely on it.

"Dairy products are full of key nutrients we all need, from the well-known calcium and protein to the lesser-known iodine and vitamin B12. We should be making every effort to encourage dairy consumption, not taking steps to reduce it. In our report 'Putting Dairy Back on the Daily Menu', we called for a 3-a-Day dairy programme to remind consumers of the unique nutritional value of dairy products. The new Eatwell guide is at odds with our recommendations and we plan on discussing this further with the Department of Health and Public Health England."

*Signatories include Heather Wheeler MP, Chairman (Conservative), Margaret Ritchie MP, Vice-Chair (SLDP), Simon Hoare MP, Vice-Chair (Conservative), Neil Parish MP, Member (Conservative), Angela Smith MP, Member (Labour), Baroness Byford, Member (Conservative), Tom Elliott MP, Member (UUP).

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