Dairy UK Welcomes Efra Committee Report on Food Security

Dairy UK today welcomed the publication of the Food Security Report by the Efra Select Committee and described it as a significant contribution to the debate over the UK's future food needs.

 Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: "The issue of food security is of crucial importance and one which all food-related industries must take very seriously. The dairy industry remains wholly committed to playing its part, not only in relation to the future food needs of the UK, but also in terms of addressing climate change.

"As an industry with a short supply chain and a proud track record in producing safe, nutritious products, the UK dairy industry is well positioned to meet the challenges of food security and it is working to generate more exports and tackle import substitution. We welcome recent support for the dairy industry from across the political spectrum and will continue to work with all relevant government departments, particularly DEFRA with whom we have an very constructive relationship,  in the hope of assisting government meet its food security objectives."

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