Dairy UK Welcomes EU Market Support Measures

Commenting on the European Commission’s announcement on emergency market support measures for the dairy sector, Dairy UK Chief Executive Dr Judith Bryans said:

“We welcome the European Commission’s decision to open Private Storage Aid for dairy products affected by the Russian ban. This measure will help prevent an oversupply of dairy products in the EU and stabilize the market. It will also give more time for the global dairy market to adapt to recent developments and absorb the impact of the ban.

“We also welcome the Commission’s willingness to extend PSA to non PDO/PGI cheeses and we will strongly argue for the need to include cheddar in any PSA measures. Cheddar is one of the most widely internationally traded cheeses and its exclusion from PSA would be detrimental to the UK dairy industry. We will be lobbying the Commission to argue for such an extension.

“We will continue monitoring the situation and keep working closely with Defra, the European Dairy Association and other stakeholders to mitigate the impact of the Russian ban.”

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