Johne’s Disease: Taking the Next Steps

Dairy UK and DairyCo are holding a major industry conference on Johne’s disease on 18th November at the Sixways Stadium in Worcester. 

The conference will bring delegates up to speed on global developments, give momentum to tackling the disease and set out the proposed framework for future industry action to control the disease. 

Lyndon Edwards, Chairman of the Action Group on Johne’s said: “Johne’s disease is a major challenge to the sustainability of the UK dairy industry, but cost effective control strategies are available. What we want to do now is ramp up industry efforts to tackle the disease.

“The conference will provide a platform for the launch of a National Johne’s Control Programme. It will be a voluntary programme based on engagement and collaboration within the dairy industry supply chain. I would urge all parties interested in tackling the disease to attend”.

The conference is overseen by the Action Group on Johne’s, which is the industry committee, supported by Dairy UK, which takes the lead on pushing forward Johne’s control in the UK. The Group consists of organisations from the dairy industry supply chain that are committed to tackling Johne’s disease. The conference will follow on from successful events held in 2009 and 2012.

International speakers at the conference include Michael Collins, University of Wisconsin, who will talk on the science and global perspectives on control strategies and Sam Strain, Programme Manager for Animal Health and Welfare Northern Ireland, on the Irish control programme;

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