Major Gains Can Be Made on Johne's Disease, Conference Will Be Told

Substantial gains in tackling Johne’s disease are within reach, according to dairy industry experts.

A major industry conference on Johne’s disease, hosted by Dairy UK and DairyCo is  being held on November 18th.

Speaking in advance of the conference on the 18th November, Lyndon Edwards, chairman of Johne’s Action Group said: ‘Tackling Johne’s disease is practical and deliverable. It’s not about just testing, it’s about putting in place the right management procedures suitable for your farm. With the right understanding and commitment the gains can be surprisingly quick and substantial.

“But what Johne’s shares with all major endemic infectious diseases is the need for improved biosecurity. This means that, in parallel with industry efforts to tackle TB and BVD, now is the right time to ramp up activity on Johne’s. Certainly there’d be little point in tackling other infectious diseases whilst neglecting Johne’s.

“Key to efforts for all disease control is education and understanding. That’s what the conference will help towards. We will also use it as a platform to announce a consultation on how we can put in place a more structured framework to help move the industry forwards.

“If we want a sustainable future for our industry we need to get a grip on Johne’s. There’s never a right time to start, but leaving it to tomorrow is definitely the wrong time, so I’m enthusiastic about accelerating industry efforts to tackle Johne’s, and I hope the rest of the industry wants to join us on that journey.”

To register for the conference, contact Peter Dawson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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