Dairy APPG | The Sustainable Competitiveness of the Dairy Industry

on Wednesday, 18 March 2015. Posted in Reports & Publications

cover appg sustainabilityFostering growth and profitability in the dairy industry in a sustainable way.

With difficult times arising in the global dairy market in the summer of 2014, the Dairy APPG launched a thorough enquiry on how to support and ensure the sustainable competitiveness of the industry. The scope of the enquiry was kept deliberately wide in order to obtain as much information as possible on current and future prospects for the industry.

The enquiry tried to analyse most key areas of the industry including dairy economics, trade and regulations, environmental initiatives, farming and processing issues, public health and nutrition challenges, all underpinned by the need for a skilled workforce. This report aims to identify current achievements, priorities and issues in the industry and provide recommendations on how to ensure a sustainable and competitive future for British dairy.

Click here to access the Dairy APPG report.

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