Suspicious Activity

  • Normal milk deliveries commence between 4.00am – 4.00pm. Anything outside this time may be a stolen vehicle or load.
  • Thieves generally load trolleys in an untidy manner.
  • Is there another vehicle drawing attention to itself; a decoy car or van driving erratically?
  • Is the lorry logo obscured or from a distant location?
  • As the majority of dairy companies mark their assets, vehicles carrying mixed assets could indicate the vehicle is carrying stolen equipment.


a theft

  • All identified thefts of trolleys should be reported to the police.
  • Major thefts should be reported by telephone in the first instance, using the local non-urgent line. They may require the attendance of a police officer.
  • Crime incidents in progress should also be immediately reported by using the ‘999’ system.
  • Non-urgent or more minor matters can also be reported by telephone using the non-urgent telephone line 101 and selecting your local force.
  • Please provide as full a description of the stolen material as possible, including quantities, identifying markings, paint colours and replacement value.
  • Please send details of a reported/non reported theft to the Asset Protection Team or contact our Recovery Hotline on 0207 430 0162
  • If you receive information of criminal activity, please inform the Dairy UK Asset Protection Manager on 07501 496224 who will advise (confidentially) if any further action is required.

Misuse costs money

If you see it – Report it!

0207 430 0162